Lung wedge resection and lobectomy

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]

Microscopic evaluation

Look mainly for carcinoma. Further information: Lung tumor

Microscopy report

Lung synoptic reports contain information (number and station) on all lymph nodes received per accession. For example, if Parts A-D are mediastinal nodes (8 in total) and Part E is a lobectomy containing 2 additional peribronchial nodes, the synoptic report for Part E should document all 10 nodes, for example:

A. Lymph node, station 1:
Negative for carcinoma. (0/1, 2 etc)

B. Lymph node, station 2:
Negative for carcinoma. (0/1, 2 etc)

C. Lobectomy, RLL: Adenocarcinoma

Histologic type


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