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Patholines:Editorial guidelines

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==Target audience==
The text should be written to be understood by a medical school graduate with corresponding pathology knowledge. It should be '''concise''', so that a pathologist (or graduate training to become a pathologist) at work can quickly find the information of interest. For example, do not state what the reader most definitely already knows. Also, limit the content to what should be done at each step, and limit the underlying theory thereof to the most essential, such as an overview chart of etiologies and their incidences in [[Dark_skin_focalities#Microscopic_evaluation|Dark skin focalities]].<ref name="elsewhere" group="notes">Patholines presumes that additional underlying theory can generally be readily found elsewhere.</ref>
It should assumed that the readers do '''not know the names''' for the pathologic findings at hand, '''nor which conditions''' are causing them when trying to find their way through the inter-article structure of Patholines (described in next section).

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