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Template:Central nervous system - Autopsy report

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| The '''meninges''' and '''venous sinuses''' are unremarkable.
| {{Comprehensive-begin}}The skull is unremarkable. The calvarium is opened in the usual manner. The scalp and overlying fascia are not remarkable. The skull is <<normal in thickness {{Finding-begin}}/ somewhat thickened in the frontal areas{{Finding-end}}. The cerebrospinal fluid is clear. The dura and venous sinuses are unremarkable. The leptomeninges are thin, shiny and non-irritated, with no visible bleeding. The superficial blood vessels are not congested. The sulci and gyri are <<normal {{Finding-begin}}/ flattened{{Finding-end}}.
{{Moderate-begin}}No visible thrombi. No epidural, subdural or subarachnoid hematoma.{{Moderate-end}}
|The '''brain''' is symmetrical and weighs ___g.
{{Comprehensive-begin}}The cerebral ventricles are of normal size, with normal linings.{{Comprehensive-end}}
Cut surfaces {{Comprehensive-begin}}after fixation{{Comprehensive-end}} of the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem show {{Moderate-begin}}normal gray and white parenchyma, and{{Moderate-end}} no {{Comprehensive-begin}}encephalomalacia, {{Comprehensive-end}}{{Moderate-begin}}hemorrhages, tumors or other{{Moderate-end}} focal abnormalities.{{Comprehensive-begin}}The gyral pattern is preserved.{{Comprehensive-end}}<br>The basal cerebral arteries << are ordinary / {{Finding-begin}}have mild / moderate / severe atherosclerosis{{Finding-end}}>> without aneurysms or thrombusocclusions.<noinclude>

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