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Stomach biopsy for Helicobacter pylori

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Look for:
*''Helicobacter pylori''-like '''bacteria''' in the lumen, as curved, spirochete-like bacteria, generally in the superficial mucus layer and along microvilli of epithelial cells.<ref name=PathologyOutlines/>
*Associated '''inflammation''', typically a chronic inflammatory infiltrate form of '''[[gastritis]]''' with germinal centers (follicular gastritis), and plasma cells in lamina propria.<ref name=PathologyOutlines>{{cite web|url=|title=Stomach - Infections - Helicobacter pylori|author=Elliot Weisenberg|website=Pathology Outlines}} Topic Completed: 1 August 2012. Minor changes: 1 September 2020</ref><ref group=notes>Plasma cells and lymphocytes are normally found in the lamina propria of the small and large intestine, but is abnormal in the stomach.</ref> There should be at least 3 plasma cells facing each other to make a diagnosis of chronic gastritis.
===Example report===

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