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→‎Differences from Wikipedia: Difference from pathology Outlines
==Differences from Wikipedia==
*[ Wikipedia] is a general encyclopedia that does contain extensive information in pathology, but does not focus on presenting the information in an optimally concise way for pathologists in the course of their work. Otherwise, Patholines shares Wikipedia's feature of having most images uploaded to the shared database Wikimedia Commons [] (see also [[Patholines:Upload]]), making such images readily available for both Patholines and other online sources.
==Differences from Pathology Outlines==
[ Pathology Outlines] contains comprehensive and at the same time useful information about a vast number of pathology diseases and conditions. Patholines, on the other hand, contains more succinct information about what to do in the most common situations encountered as a pathologist. Because real cases do not have the name of the diagnosis written on it, the basic structure of Patholines is instead focused on a location and a specific specimen type, such as a [[hysterectomy]], and aims to direct the reader into being able to do the proper grossing and subsequent microscopic diagnosis from there.

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