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Editors of articles must be doctors of medicine, or have formal expertise in pathology by other means. The [[Patholines:Discussion page|Discussion pages]], on the other hand, are editable by everyone, even without logging in, for comments and suggestions. Newcomers start participating by creating an account at:
This provides a username, but to make edits to articles, newcomers also need to specify their professional status at: <br>- '''[ Form: Application for Editor status (link)]'''<br>This will be reviewed by the board, and will generally be approved within a day during European daytime few days for applying pathologists or pathology trainees with a Doctor of Medicine degree. It does '''not''' require attaching any credentials such as a medical diploma. Yet, all edits made by the user are tracked in the MediaWiki software, and upon any irregular behavior, an investigation will be performed wherein the user may be requested to provide identification and credentials to the board. Failure to provide those items may result in that edits made by that user will be reverted. Thus, the activity of an editor is the main "job interview" in order to contribute. A possible adverse effect of this system is that the board may not know for certain whether an editor is actually a doctor or not, as long as she/he claims to be a doctor and edits like one. Yet, the quality of the content is thereby practically the same.
An Editor may still use an anonymous username, but real names must be used in the author lists at the top of articles, see [[Patholines:Authorship]].

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