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Patholines:Editorial guidelines

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:*'''Gross report''', as in Presentation articles
*'''Microscopic/Histopathologic evaluation''', preferably including:
:*'''Characteristics/Microscopic characteristics''' such as diagnostic criteria. For features not seen in the vast majority of cases with the diagnosis of interest, note whether they are specific, or which conditions they help rule out (rather than just mentioning that the condition "sometimes displays" the feature).
::*'''Variants''', in case the condition has notable different appearances.
:::Generally describe what can be seen rather than processes (such as preferring "an abundance of" rather than "proliferation of").
:*'''Differential diagnoses''', including how to distinguish it from at least the most common and/or important differential diagnoses. There should be no plain list of differential diagnoses (see [[#No plain lists of causes|the section ''No plain lists of causes'']] below). More detailed descriptions of overlapping cases can be described in a template that appears in the main articles of both, such as {{tl|Overlap of squamous-cell and basal-cell carcinoma}}, or as a separate article, such as [[Follicular lymphoma versus reactive follicular hyperplasia]].
::*Any mention of '''immunohistochemistry''' staining should include the conditions that stain helps to indicate. ''Example: [[Lobular carcinoma in situ#Microscopic evaluation|Lobular carcinoma in situ]]''

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