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Endometrial cancer

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*[[Endometrial curettage]]
*[[Endometrial polyp]]
==Gross processing==
[[File:Gross pathology of endometrial adenocarcinoma.jpg|thumb|240px|Gross pathology of endometrial adenocarcinoma.]]
A '''[[Hysterectomy|regular hysterectomy grossing]]''' is performed, but with the following sampling and additions:<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Gross Pathology Manual - Uterus, Endometrial Cancer|website=The University of Chicago Department of Pathology|author=Nicole Cipriani|date=2020-06-22}}</ref>
*2 longitudinal sections through '''ecto/endocervix''' (1 anterior and 1 posterior).
*2 longitudinal sections through '''upper endocervix/lower uterine segment''' (1 anterior and 1 posterior), contiguous with sections taken from cervix.
:*Measure greatest dimension of tumor.
::*If tumor is less than 3 cm, submit entirely.
::*If tumor > 3 cm, submit 1 per cm.
:*Measure tumor '''thickness''' (cavity to border of invasion) and entire thickness of the wall (cavity to serosa), at the location of greatest percentage of tumor relative to wall thickness.
:*Include 2 full-thickness sections (1 anterior and 1 posterior), including location with greatest percentage. It may need multiply contiguous sections.
:*Remaining sections can be superficial to include tumor and inner myometrium, such as from lower uterine segment to fundus to maintain orientation.
:*If possible, include 1 section with interface between tumor and normal.
*Sections of any additional pathology, such as leiomyomas, polyps in their entirety.
*1 section of uninvolved endometrium if present.
*Inspect serosa for implants and submit sections if grossly detected.
*For serous carcinomas, submit the entire ovary and fallopian tube:
:*Ovary, serially sectioned perpendicular to long axis.
:*SEE-FIM protocol for fallopian tubes:
::*Remove the distal 2 cm (fimbriae) and section it parallel to the long axis.
::Section the remainder of the tube transversely at 2-3 mm intervals.
*For all other cancer types, submit adnexa as follows:
:*2 representative sections of each ovary.
:*Entire fimbriae (longitudinally sectioned) and 2 representative cross-sections on each side.
*'''[[Lymph node]]s
:*Size < 2 mm: submit intact.
:*Size > 2 mm: serially section perpendicular to the long axis in 2 mm intervals.
::*If no gross tumor, submit entirely.
::*If grossly positive, submit 1-2 representative sections showing the greatest tumor dimension and extranodal fat.
==Microscopic evaluation==

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