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Breast biopsy or excision

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===Previous biopsy site===
{{Moderate-begin}}For excisions or larger, look up past biopsies, and if in the same area, look for biopsy sites in order to confirm that the previous biopsy represents the same pathologies.{{Moderate-end}}
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File:Biopsy site at 11 days, low magnification.jpg|Biopsy site at 11 days, low magnification, showing involved area consistent with a needle size
File:Histopathology of biopsy site at 11 days, high magnification.jpg|High magnification shows granulation tissue (fibroblasts, red blood cells and lymphocytes). Multinucleated giant cells may be present.
File:Histopathology of one month old biopsy site of the breast, annotated.jpg|One month after biopsy, typically showing fibrosis. Foreign material is also present.
===If tumor is not found===

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