Breast reduction

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Author: Mikael Häggström, M.D. [note 1]
For breast reduction (generally for hypertrophy) where there is no known suspected malignancy:


On this resource, the following formatting is used for comprehensiveness:

  • Minimal depth
  • (Moderate depth)
  • ((Comprehensive))
Other legend

<< Decision needed between alternatives separated by / signs >>
{{Common findings / In case of findings}}
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Gross processing

Take at least one section of skin, and one of any gross lesions or a more fibrous area.

Example report:

((A. Labeled - ___. The specimen is received in formalin and consists of)) {{ multiple fragments of}} rubbery pink-yellow fibrofatty breast tissue and skin with an aggregate weight of __ g and an aggregate measurement of __ cm. The skin surfaces are tan and smooth. Cut surfaces show yellow fatty breast tissue with patchy fibrosis and no gross nodules. Representative sections are submitted for microscopic examination in 2 cassettes. (Representative sections are submitted for microscopic examination in __ cassettes.)

Microscopic report


Right and left breast tissue, mammoplasty:
  • Benign breast tissue with non-proliferative fibrocystic changes.
  • Associated unremarkable skin.


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