Endometrial curettings

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]


On this resource, the following formatting is used for comprehensiveness:

  • Minimal depth
  • (Moderate depth)
  • ((Comprehensive))

Gross processing

  • Generally submit all tissue for microscopy, even larger volumes.
  • Look for products of conception if indicated from referral and/or history

Microscopic evaluation

Describe the anatomic/histologic type of epithelium.

Look mainly for:

Anatomic/histologic epithelium type

(Determine the type or phase of the endometrium:) edit

In contrast, endocervical mucosa typically consists of mucinous columnar epithelium and mucinous glands. Evaluate this like a cervical biopsy or cervical cone.

The phases of endometrium through the menstrual cycle:

If you want to specify the phase by day, then it's more accurate to state it as days past ovulation where applicable, since the follicular phase may vary substantially.

Hyperplasia, atypa and/or malignancy

  • Look for signs of atypia or malignancy:


Microscopy report

Example in a normal case:

(Endometrial curettings:
Benign proliferative endometrium and endocervical mucosa without significant histopathologic changes.)
Negative for neoplasia ((or viral cytopathic changes)).


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