Endometrial thickening

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]



Generally 10% neutral buffered formalin.

  See also: General notes on fixation

Hysterectomy sampling

A regular hysterectomy grossing is performed, but with the following sampling:[1]

  • 2 longitudinal sections through ecto/endocervix (1 anterior and 1 posterior)
  • 2 longitudinal sections through upper endocervix/lower uterine segment (1 anterior and 1 posterior), immediately adjacent to the sections taken from the cervix
  • 4 full-thickness representative sections of endomyometrium (2 anterior and 2 posterior)
  • Transversely section the remaining anterior and posterior endomyometrium (~1 cm thick). Submit the entire endometrium from the lower uterine segment to the fundus, maintaining orientation.
  • Submit entire fimbriae (longitudinally sectioned) and 2 representative cross-sections on each side.

Microscopic evaluation

  • Look for signs of atypia or malignancy:



Most importantly:

  • Presence or absence of atypia.

  See also: General notes on reporting


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