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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]

Gross processing

Further information: Brain/meningeal tumor

Microscopic evaluation

Histopathology of a typical WHO grade 1 meningioma, H&E stain. It is of the meningothelial histologic type, which is the most common meningioma type. It shows its typical findings:
- A woven architectural pattern
- Psammoma bodies (spheroid calcifications)
- Syncytial cells (having indistinct cell membranes) with eosinophilic (pink) cytoplasms
- Round uniform nuclei
- Whorls (concentric cell arrangements)[1]

Look for the signs of both typical meningioma and main histological variants. On frozen sections, mention the presence of atypia/high-grade cells.

On permanent sections, classify by WHO grade:

Meningioma grades[4]
WHO Grade I WHO Grade II WHO Grade III
Benign Atypical Malignant
  • Meningiothelial
  • Fibrous (fibroblastic)
  • Transitional (mixed)
  • Psammomatous
  • Angiomatous
  • Microcystic
  • Secretory
  • Lymphoplasmacyte-rich
  • Metaplastic
  • Chordoid
  • Clear Cell
  • Atypical
  • Papillary
  • Rhabdoid
  • Anaplastic


Example frozen section report:

A. Right frontal tumor:
-Meningioma. Negative for atypia.

Example permanent section report:

A. Right frontal tumor:
-Meningioma, WHO grade 1.


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