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You can contribute by commenting on article content in their Discussion pages.

If you are a pathologist, pathology trainee with a doctor of medicine degree, or have pathology expertise by other means, then you can directly create and edit articles:

Current focus

The main focus is currently to achieve a complete collection of the essential material that a newly certified pathologist is expected to know after the training years. The content should be enough to diagnose at least 90% of specimens, including the most common, dangerous or otherwise relevant differential diagnoses thereof. Patholines currently needs to establish articles for the most common locations, as well as the most important diseases and conditions. Cases should preferably be typical of the disease or condition at hand. The most important initial sections thereof are generally "Evaluation" or "Basic screening".

Addition of relatively rare conditions or cases with atypical presentations are acceptable already, but before doing so you must first establish at least one chain of inter-article structure linking back to the main page.

Also, there is a draft for making a textbook version of Patholines, starting at a Skin chapter.

See Patholines:Editorial guidelines for further information about article structure and sections.