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The heart << has normal weight / is enlarged [[ > 399 g in women and> 449 g in men]] >>, weighing ___ g.

Normal configuration (No atrial or ventricular dilation. No ventricular wall thickening) / {{The left ventricle has {{concentric}} hypertrophy, with a wall thickness of ___ mm.}} ((The left ventricular wall thickness is __ cm and the right is ___

(Foramen ovale is closed.) ((The ductus arteriosus is obliterated[[Comprehensive-end}}
The coronary arteries ((arise in normal position. They)) have << no / mild / moderate / severe >> {{and particually calcified}}
arteriosclerosis, without significant constrictions. No thrombi in the cardiac atria (including auricles), chambers or coronary arteries.

Cordae tendineae, the endocardium and heart valves are unremarkable. (The endocardium is smooth and shiny. Cordae tendineae are unremarkable. The valves are normal in number, and are thin and fine at the openings.) ((The endocardium is smooth, transparent and free of mural thrombi. The valve leaflets and chordae tendinae are overall delicate, pliable and free of lesion or calcification. No signs of inflammation.
The valve ring circumference are: Tricuspid and mitral approximately ___ cm and aortic and pulmonic approximately ___ cm.
The epicardium and subepicardium are unremarkable.))

The myocardium has ((a homogeneous reddish brown color, and)) no signs of fresh lesion (or scar).