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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]


Gross processing


Usual steps:[1]

  • Weigh the specimen.
  • Measure:
  • The size of the testis in 3 dimensions
  • The spermatic cord length and diameter
  • Ink the tunica vaginalis.
  • Cut through tunica vaginalis with scissors
  • Bisect the testis in the plane of the epididymis.
  • Photograph the cut surface.
  • If any tumor:
  • Measure the size of the tumor in 3 dimensions
  • Describe the gross appearance.
  • Measure the distance of the tumor from the tunica vaginalis
  • Note tumor extension: up to, into, or through the tunica albuginea or vaginalis.
  • Measure the distance of the tumor from the epididymis and spermatic cord, and note any epididymal and spermatic cord involvement.
  • Describe the remaining testicular parenchyma.
  • If the specimen is large, serially section perpendicular to the long axis.
  • Fix in formalin overnight.

Tissue selection

Generally including the following:[1]

  • The proximal spermatic cord margin en face.
  • For any tumor:
  • At least 1 section per cm of tumor, including the closest penetration of tunica albuginea/vaginalis and epididymis.
  • Grossly different areas of tumor to determine which components are present (in case of potential mixed germ cell tumor).
  • Additional sections of the spermatic cord
  • Normal (uninvolved) testis.
  • Any found lymph nodes

In case of orchiectomy for undescended testis, submit the entire testicular parenchyma to evaluate for GCNIS (germ cell neoplasia in situ).[1]


  1. For a full list of contributors, see article history. Creators of images are attributed at the image description pages, seen by clicking on the images. See Patholines:Authorship for details.

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