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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]

Cross-section of an arterial aneurysm, showing most of the area consisting of organized mural thrombus (tan-brown area).

Gross processing

  • Describe the shape (generally either fusiform or saccular).
  • Measure the length and diameter

Make several cross-sections and look for any dissection in the wall.

Gross report

On this resource, the following formatting is used for comprehensiveness:

  • Minimal depth
  • (Moderate depth)
  • ((Comprehensive))
(( A. Labeled -left upper extremity aneurysm. The specimen is received in formalin and consists of a segment of)) fusiformly dilated vessel measuring 11.5 cm in length and the diameter is 6.5 (x 6.5 cm). Upon sectioning, <<most \ (( __ %))>> of the area is occupied by tan-yellow to tan-red non-homogenous surface, consistent with an organized mural thrombus. (No visible wall dissection.)


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