Esophagus resection

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]


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Gross processing

If no gross tumor is identified (which often occurs in cases of neoadjuvant therapy), submit an entire area where the tumor may have been located.

Gross report

((A. Labeled - ___. The specimen is received fresh for intraoperative consultation and consists of)) a resected <<intact / disrupted>> esophagectomy {{and attached partial gastrectomy}}. The esophagus measures __ cm in length and __ cm in average diameter. {{The stomach measures __ x __ x __ cm.}} (The proximal (esophageal) surgical margin is inked blue.) The distal surgical margin {{along the stomach}} measures __ cm in length and __ cm in maximum diameter.(, and is inked green). The specimen is opened longitudinally to show {{a tumor measuring __ x __ cm, located __ cm from the proximal margin, __ cm from the gastro-esophageal junction, and __ cm from the distal margin. The radial/adventitial margin is inked black. On cut sections, the tumor measures approximately __ in thickness, and grossly extends to __. The remainder of the specimen shows}} tan-pink glistening mucosa with no gross lesions. The wall thickness is __ of the esophagus{{ and __ cm of the stomach}}. The periesophageal {{and perigastric fat}} is dissected to show __ possible tan-gray lymph nodes measuring between __ and __ cm. (Representative sections are submitted for microscopic examination in __ cassettes.}})

1. Proximal (esophageal) margin(, inked blue)
2. #Distal {{gastric}} margin(, inked green)
__. Tumor [[One slice per centimeter, or at least 5 sections, or submit entirely if small enough]]
__. Esophagus, random sections
__. Stomach, random sections
__. Periesophageal lymph nodes
__. Perigastric lymph nodes


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