Paratubal cyst

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]

Paratubal cysts by the fallopian tube.

Paratubal cysts are also called paraovarian cysts, depending on location.[1]


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Gross processing

Paratubal cysts are generally incidentally found on grossing of fallopian tubes, and in such cases they may be ignored, as they are essentially always benign.[2] ( or included in representative sections). Even more insignificant are sessile smaller cyst-like along the fallopian tube, which are serosal inclusion cysts.

Microscopic examination

Histopathology of paratubal cyst.jpg

Paratubal cysts are generally lined by simple cuboidal epithelium as shown. However, they may have fallopian tubal epithelium or focal papillary projections.[1]


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