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See Patholines:Copyright for information regarding what images you may upload.

Upload to Wikimedia Commons

This is generally recommended, since it allows the image to be easily used in other wikis, mainly those of the Wikimedia Foundation, including Wikipedia:

Upload to Patholines server

This is recommended if the image is likely relevant only for Patholines:

Adding uploaded images to articles

Images can be added in articles by clicking the "Edit" tab at top and then "Insert" and "Media". Alternatively, by "edit source", a source code is provided after having uploaded an image, which can be copy-pasted into articles. In source code, images are added to the right in the text by the following code for an example file:
[[File:Patholines logo.png|thumb|150px|Image description.]].

File:Patholines logo.png
Image description.

See also: Wikipedia:Extended image syntax, for how images can be customized in articles.