Pigmented macrophages of the lung

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]
When seeing pigmented macrophages of the lung, categorize as follows:

Disease Macrophage name Macrophage pigment appearance (HE stain) Usual macrophage location Associated medical history Image Other notes.
Anthracosis Black-brown granules Interstitium (perivascular)
  • Age and urban dwelling.[1]
  • Coal workers[2]
Histopathology of anthracotic macrophage in lung, annotated.jpg In image, black arrow shows interstitial anthracotic pigment. Nearby macrophages (white arrow) can be presumed to contain anthracotic pigment. Reporting is optional in mild cases in the elderly.
Respiratory bronchiolitis Smoker's macrophages Yellow to light brown and finely granular[3] Airways (especially respiratory bronchioles) Tobacco smoking Histopathology of a smoker's macrophage.jpg Smoker's macrophage in center of image. Smoker's macrophages in alveoli is unspecific and does not confer a diagnosis of respiratory bronchiolitis.
Chronic pulmonary congestion Siderophages Brown-golden and refractile.[4] Alveoli[5]
  • Heart failure
  • Pulmonary hemorrhage
Histopathology of siderophage in chronic pulmonary congestion.jpg Image shows a siderophage (black arrow), and interstitium with edema, hemosiderin deposition (black arrow) and collagenous thickening, indicating heart failure.
Histopathology of smoker's macrophages with anthracotic stippling, indicating the presence of both respiratory bronchiolitis and anthracosis.


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