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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]




To submit slides for microscopy, generally gross as follows:

  • Split the bone in the plane of interest for microscopy slides.
  • Fix the bone in formalin.
  • Perform decalcification of the specimen. First, generally take at least a small piece to be kept separately in formalin, in case the main specimen becomes necrotic, so that you have at least one more chance to decalcify it more lightly. If the order and/or history is suspicious for metastasis, try to sample a part of the specimen that is soft enough to not need decalcification (to avoid the risk that decalcification will impair later immunohistochemistry or other testing).
  • Take the sections of interest.

Microscopic evaluation

Look for any of the following:


Highly suspicious prostate adenocarcinoma metastasis can be confirmed with NKX1, TTF1 and CDX2.


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