Vas deferens

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]

Gross processing in sterilization

In sterilization:[1]

  • Measure length and diameter.
  • Serially section
  • Submit 2 cross sections measuring 5 mm in length.

Communicate to the histology lab to section the specimen as tubular structures, in order to get proper cross-sections.

Microscopic examination in sterilization

Confirm that there is a complete cross-section from each side. Example images of normal vas deferens:


Example report:

Right and left vas deferens segments, excisions:
Complete cross-sections of vasa deferentia without significant histopathologic changes.


  1. For a full list of contributors, see article history. Creators of images are attributed at the image description pages, seen by clicking on the images. See Patholines:Authorship for details.

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