Fallopian tube in ectopic pregnancy

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]


Generally 10% neutral buffered formalin.

See also: General notes on fixation

Gross processing[1]

  • Measure length and largest diameter
  • Inspect the serosa, mainly for fibrin formations, hemorrahage and/or rupture
  • Make a transverse cut through any dilated segment and note:
  • Wall thickness
  • Any lumen obstruction
  • Any parovarial cysts
  • In case of rupture, sample blood clots and any suspected pregnancy products (which usually arise from the rupture). Sample a transverse section from the rupture site.
  • If there is no rupture, sample from any hemorrhaging spots, and from any intraluminal blood clots.

Try to identify and sample any egg sac. Sometimes a minimal embryo can be identified herein, which should be submitted separately.

See also: General notes on gross processing

Microscopic evaluation

Look for products of conception: Further information: Products of conception

Molar pregnancy: Mildly hydropic villus with scalloped margins and moderate trophoblastic proliferation.

If found, check if the pregnancy is molar. Further information: Molar pregnancy

If no embryonic tissue or villi can be histologically identified, submit any residual blood clots, as well as any additional pieces from macroscopically suspended portions of the tubal wall.[1]

Microscopy/Histopathology report

  • Presence or absence of products of conception.
  • If present: Presence or absence of signs of molar pregnancy.


Fallopian tube partially clad by trophoblast cells. In the lumen there are blood clots as well as chorionic villi clad by trophoblast cells without atypical proliferation. No atypia. No sign of molar pregnancy. No visible fetal parts. No atypia at the surgical margin.
See also: General notes on reporting


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