Lobular carcinoma in situ

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]


Generally 10% neutral buffered formalin.

Histopathology of lobular carcinoma in situ.jpg


Microscopic evaluation

Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) typically display monomorphic, loosely cohesive, slightly enlarged and evenly spaced cells that fill acini.[1] Cells have indistinct cell borders, pale cytoplasm, and uniform small nuclei with evenly distributed chromatin and inconspicuous nucleoli.[1]

Differential diagnosis

The main differential diagnosis is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

When unsure, perform immunohistochemistry for E-cadherin and p120:

In contrast, both E-cadherin (left image below) and p120 (right) have a membranous staining pattern in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).


Microcalcifications of non-neoplastic breast glands.[image 1]

If invasive ductal carcinoma is seen, make at least a low power screening for microcalcifications (to correlate with imaging), but there's no need to look carefully (as tiny microcalcifications would unlikely correlate with imaging anyways).


Testing for hormone biomarkers is not needed for LCIS (in contrast to ductal carcinoma in situ where ER/PR is generally indicated).

Microscopic report

It should contain:[3]

  • Type of resection or biopsy, and location
  • Results of any supplementary studies performed
  • Extent

However, grading and staging is not applicable. (Margins of excision are not relevant)

  See also: General notes on reporting


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