Ovarian cyst

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]


Typically a cyst with more or less of the ovary.


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Gross processing

The specimen is generally not inked.

Gross report


(Labeled - ___.) The specimen is received in formalin and consists of an ovary with a cyst, and attached portion of the fallopian tube, in total measuring ___. The capsule of the ovary and the cyst is tan-pink and smooth. The cyst is << intact / collapsed>>{{, with a wall defect measuring _ cm}}. Upon {{further}} opening the contents of the cyst consists of ___. The cyst lining is tan-pink and smooth, with a wall thickness of __. There are no papillary excrescences. Cut sections of the ovary reveal solid, white and whorled parenchyma, and no gross lesions. The attached fallopian tube fragment measures ___, and displays fimbria. Cut sections of the tube reveal a patent lumen. Representative sections are submitted for microscopic examination in __ cassettes.

Microscopic evaluation

Attempt to classify into either of the following:

Type Subtype Typical microscopy findings Image
Functional cyst Follicular cyst Graafian Follicle, Human Ovary (3595817584).jpg
Corpus luteum cyst
  • A convoluted cyst lining of luteinized granulosa cells[2]
  • A prominent inner layer of fibrous tissue[2]
  • An outer layer of theca cells[2]
Histopathology of hemorrhagic corpus luteum cyst.jpg
Cystadenoma Serous cystadenoma Cyst lining consisting of a simple epithelium, whose cells may be either:[3]
  • columnar and tall and contain cilia, resembling normal tubal epithelium
  • cuboidal and have no cilia, resembling ovarian surface epithelium
Histopathology of serous cystadenoma.jpg
Mucinous cystadenoma Lined by a mucinous epithelium Histopathology of lining of a benign mucinous tumor of the ovary.jpg
Mature cystic teratoma
Well-differentiated components from at least two germ layers (ectoderm, mesoderm and/or endoderm).[4] Histopathology of ovarian dermoid cyst.jpg
Endometriosis At least two of the following three criteria:[5] Histopathology of ovarian endometrioma.jpg
Borderline tumor Atypical epithelial proliferation without stromal invasion.[6] Histopathology of seromucinous borderline tumors.jpg
Ovarian cancer Many different types, but generally severe dysplasia/atypia and invasion.
Simple squamous cyst Simple squamous epithelium and not conforming to diagnoses above Histopathology of simple squamous cyst wall.jpg


  1. For a full list of contributors, see article history. Creators of images are attributed at the image description pages, seen by clicking on the images. See Patholines:Authorship for details.

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