Sessile serrated adenoma

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Author: Mikael Häggström [note 1]


Microscopic examination

The characteristics of sessile serrated adenoma are:[1]

  • Sawtooth serrations of the epithelium
  • Abundant mucin, similar to hyperplastic polyps
  • Basal crypt dilation, with mucous retention, and lateral spread of the crypt bases, commonly described as boot shaped or anchor shaped crypts.


On low magnification, a sessile serrated adenoma may be flat (left) or protuberant (right):[2]

Variations on higher magnification:

Microscopic report

A brief report is sufficient:

Cecum polyp, polypectomy:
Sessile serrated adenoma.

Differential diagnoses

Regarding location, the diagnosis of a sessile serrated adenoma is supported by a location within the proximal colon (cecum, ascending, and transverse colon), while hyperplastic polyps are most common in the sigmoid colon and rectum. However, both may occur throughout the colon.[4][5]


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